welcome to ze

A Fitness PROGRAM focused on helPing misfit humans 
lift big & live bigger.

#beachbumfitness was born when the world shut down & has turned into a space for humans to focus on what is really important. 

life is lived in both directions. we want to lift & we want the CHARCUTERIE. We want to take care of our meat suits and we want to climb the 40ft cliff so we can jump into the ocean.  

we want somewhere we can respect the long haul mentality without fitness becoming the only identity we have.

we want you messy, wild & free

program details


4 days per week

video feedback

community chat 

built in 6 week cycles

7 day free trial

If you think in order to be successful with this program, perfection is required, 
YOU are in for a treat.
Because B+ Work, is still good work.

WE BELIEVE in b+ work. 

Weekly Check ins

We coach because we love
connecting to you humans.

Every week you have the option to fill out a questionnaire and get video responses back. 

the goal of these check ins is to help you with the other 23 hours in your day not related to fitness.

while we believe fitness should be in your life, we also want you to give you the power to help you reach success during the other 23 hours of your day.

was created for

the human who wants fitness AND a hobby that doesn't include eating copious amonts of protien


who isn't focused on

finding visible abs, but knows damn well the athleticism that comes with building a dumptruck.

& you can achieve all of this

in 60-75minutes / 4 days a week @ $97 / month

& if you're still unsure

we offer a 7 day free trial to start :)

you're a human who...

wants more than just the 'big lifts'. you know there are other things to work on but you are unsure of what they are & its just not in the budget to hire a 1:1 coach. 

don't worry my friend, I got you covered.

truth is,

you know there are 246481 ways to get the job done but you need someone else to build that plan for you in a way that doesn't shy away from life's cool ass activities to explore..  

lift big
& live bigger

we call that wanting to:


& so, i give you

No more

8 Week Shreds or
 75 day hards.

release the pressure of perfection, find a hobby, train 4x a week, and focus on building a solid foundation for life.

what you'll see in the program

movement patterns

squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull, carry & core are what will be the main drivers of these builds - but you will see emphasis's on direct muscles to aid strength & growth.


using proven training methods to increase strength in your main big lifts ANd variations of lifts without needing to use percentage based protocols. #yuck.


increase your movement tool box by exploring progressions & regressions of various skills 

Aerobic work

increase your aerobic capacity by using sustainable efforts in both cyclical and mix modal settings.


call it a prep, or a warmup - everyday you'll be given a place to start that is intentionally set to help you prepare for the training day.


listen, no one ever wrote a song about abs. we trynna get big, get strong, take up space & have a perky dumptruck that drives our athleticism in and out of the gym.

KB Flows

have become a staple in the #BBF program. grab a bell, take off your shoes, and enjoy some sunshine while you sling'n weights around like the boss bitch you are.

We live, eat and breathe by the gymprovising method over here at #bbf - If there is equipment on this list you don't have access too - I PROMISE there is always going to be a way to make it work with what you got. 

-> squat rack
-> barbell
-> dumbbell
-> kettlebells
-> pull up bar or machine
-> dip bars or machine
-> cable machine
-> Mini Bands
-> Large Resistance Bands
-> Box 
-> Adjustable Bench
-> Bike / Rower /
 Running / Elliptical
-> Jump Rope


access to:

video demos provided for every exercise

you will Need some experience with lifting..

by no means, are we looking for professional athletes -
but you do need to have confidence with your movements.

if you join in the middle of a cycle ..


TRUST ME, when i say its better to join today than to wait until a new cycle.

its no big deal..

((consistency >> perfection))



#BBF Head Coach & Program Design

I'm Allison Mckail,

Fitness Coach & Lover of all things sunshine. 

If you're like me you know how important and fun fitness can be, but you don't want it to be the only thing that identifies you as a human being. 

you want someone you relate to and someone you can trust. Life's speed bumps tend to feel more heavy than you'd like and somewhere along the way we started to believe that perfection was the only outcome allowed. Now is the time where when we embrace the creative chaos and show up how we can, & when we can - even if that looks a little different week to week. You are not alone. I AM you, and I am here to help. 

welcome to #bbf

#BBF COACH & CLient relations

I'm jessica,

I have always  EMBRACed HOW I CAN BEST HELP HUMANS in  THEIR FITNESS & Health. With my PN-L1 & CPT  personal training, strength & conditioning, & ISSA corrective exercise certifications I can confidently say that I HELP HUMANS WITH the

Because my favorite part of coaching is the HUMANS. I love seeing clients win, learn to bet on themselves + realize they can do hard things. We celebrate all of our successes, push when we need, adjust the dial as necessary + make our way through the struggles. We learn together + we figure it out together. Doing the fitness is just one piece of the puzzle - I’m here to support the whole damn package. Can’t wait to meet you inside TrueCoach. 



on going Program - 4 days per week

-> 60-75 minute workouts

->Video Demo's linked directly inside program

-> Alternative /  movement substitutions for equipment or skill level

-> Community group chat inside the same app

->weekly check in's & COmments

-> $97 / monthly with a 7 day free trial

-> sign up today & start today

Being sweaty & disheveled
is more fun with friends

#beachbumfitness lives
inside the train heroic App

can i cancel at anytime?

Yes. Come when you need,
leave when you want.

we do require a 30day notice for cancellations.

our open door policy

how much is it?

$97 / month - no contract - Open Door Policy
-> also, 7 day free mfing trial y'all
join when you can, leave when you need.

we don't use the Planet Fitness business model ((keeping it so cheap that you don't care if it hits your account every month)) - we want you to be invested at a lower barrier of entry 
and still have the opportunity to talk with a coach throughout the program. 


oh wait..

just one more thing

Sea you
on the inside..