How many days a week  is the program 7 how long are the workouts? 

4 days per week & about 60-75minutes long.
It is scheduled to be completed Monday, Tuesday / Thursday and Friday. 
You are able to move days around as needed. 

how much is the membership?

$97 / Month. 
The day you sign up is the day your billing will reoccur each month. 

what if i want to cancel?

You can cancel at anytime. Please allow 30 days for the cancellation to be finalized. you will need to contact coach@allisonmckail.com to complete the cancellation. There are no refunds for uncompleted workouts / unfinished months. 

What happens after the 12 months?

As of Oct 2021, you will start back at the beginning of the program,  #BBF was built to be cyclical and repeatable 

what equipment do i need to do the program?

it's HIGHLY suggested you have access to a basic gym. Free weights, cyclical equipment, squat rack, barbell, plates, pullup bar, kettlebells etc... 

Things can be #gymprovised BUT this program was not built to be a completely minimal program. More info on this HERE. 

Can i sign up now and start later?

*technically* you could. But it would be a pain in the ass. While you wait the workouts would be pilling into your "past folder" on Truecoach. 
So its not recommended to do it this way. 

Does it include cardio?

Listen here Fit Fam.. we have aerobic work, we have resistance work and then we have muscular endurance work. All of which will be completed in a progressive fashion that prevents you from finishing a workout flat on the floor after you're done with training that day. 

how do I join?

Get on the Waitlist HERE. The only way to get access to the program is to be ON the Waitlist when the doors open. An email will be sent ONLY TO THE WAITLIST when we do a launch. 


NO. #BBF is Sustainable and Structured Fitness. Crossfit by definition is High Intensity and Constantly Varied - we are NOT the same.

How are you delivering #BBF? 

#BeachBumFitness is delivered using Truecoach. 
Demo videos, log your results, check back on past performance, see your compliance rate for workouts, and get resources all in one spot. 

Is there a group for us to support each other?

Absolutely. We have The Second Best Facebook Group on the internet that is open to the public. You dont have to do #BBF to be in the group! 

Can #BBF be done at a globo gym?

YES! There are certain gyms that are harder to come by with free weights, but things can be #gymprovised with machines too! 

my question wasn't answered

AH! Please send me your question so we can get you some answers.
Ask me about #BeachBumFitness via my Contact Page

What happens after i cancel?

Your account will be archived and you will not have access to the portal or any previous workouts.